How to design your stamp


Use the easy to design features of the website to let us know how you would like to have your stamp customised. A proof can be requested in the basket to ensure you are happy with the completed layout.

You can add text and/or upload a file.

Start off by selecting which you would like to do.

  • Upload Artwork, Complete Details or Both


  1. Text only. The stamp description gives an idea of the number of lines and amount of text that can be added. Select the number of lines and fill in the text. You can select from a small number of fonts on the website – but feel free to add something different in the further instructions section.


  1. Uploading artwork – this can be a scaled image or a simple sketch of the layout of your stamp – as long as we can read what is required, we can use it. If you require a logo, this will need to be a good quality, black and white image in order to produce the bets quality of stamp.


Don’t forget to request a proof in the basket if you would like to check the design before we go into production.